Myanmar’s potential with regard to trade and investment is enormous. Besides, Myanmar is endeavoring dynamically for the development of its economy. Therefore, in the near future, Myanmar will be the biggest treasury land for the investors.
          Myanmar is also known as agro-based country. Being rich in land resources and different networks of irrigation facilities, Myanmar grows not only perennial plants but also crops such as rice , pulses and beans, maize, sesame, fruits and vegetables and exports those products to international markets. Myanamr also welcomes investments in producing value-added agricultural products and processed foods. There is vast potential  for investors in Agricultural Sector.
Livestock and Fishery
          Apart from the four main rivers, Myanmar has water territory in Bay of Bengal. Myanmar has a long sea coastline of 2832 kilometers and consequently it is able to export fishery products including fresh water fishes and sea water fishes. There is a lot of potential in fresh water fishery and shrimp.
          Myanmar also export varieties of forestry products including world famous Teak because more than half of the country’s area is still covered with natural forest. Myanmar has various hardwood and softwood species. Instead of exporting raw materials, Investors can invest in processing value-added products commercially for export to the international market.
          Myanmar is rich in mineral resources such as copper, gold, lead, zinc, silver, tin and tungsten, antimony, chromium and nickel, so that it can export mineral products including jade and gems and other semi precious stones. New technology is needed for gem cutting, polishing and jewelry manufacturing.
          Oil and gas exploration is the highest contribution to the foreign direct investment in Myanmar. Investors are operating new discovery of off-shore gas fields by production sharing contacts. Myanmar also possesses vast resources of oil and gas, there is many potential for cooperation in the downstream projects in Energy sector such as refinery plants and fertilizer plants.
          Myanmar has  hydropower potential of 37000 megawatts can be generated from the Ayeyarwaddy, Sittaung, Thanlwin and Chindwin river basins and only about 745 megawatts  has been developed so far.
          Since 18 Industrial Zones along with 9589 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)  have already been established in different parts of country. Myanmar’s manufacturing sector is developing together with other sectors such as agriculture, fishery, forestry, mining , energy and hotel and tourism. There is plenty of opportunities to invest in manufacturing sector such as labour intensive industries, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) . 

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